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Our Approach

Print & Mail Communications, LLC has the ability to process all of our customers jobs, that require bindery services with our extensive on premises staff and equipment  – no need for coordinated services outside of our organization.   In addition, we are happy to produce any of your Bindery only projects for you.  Our professional staff is trained to be detail oriented while working on your project. Our production operates 24/7 to meet your timely deadlines.


Saddle Stitching

If you’re looking to produce a smaller scale product at an affordable price, saddle stitching is an excellent choice. This type of binding works best for projects with 96 pages or less and is perfect for producing magazines, brochures and catalogs that can lay flat on a table when opened. Wire staples are used to hold folded paper together at the backbone, which makes it a relatively quick and effective process.

Perfect Binding

When you seek a product that is both long-lasting and economical, we recommend perfect binding. For this type of binding, we use an adhesive that holds the spine together while also giving your project a finished look. The strength of this binding type gives you the longevity you would not have with saddle stitching and is convenient for projects with a much larger page count as well.

Case Binding

For projects that are meant to last a lifetime, invest in case binding. Each page is sewn together with twine to give your finished product durability that can’t be beat. We recommend case binding for very large projects as it can easily hold together books with high page counts. For a more affordable option, we also offer adhesive case binding, which combines the adhesive advantages of a perfect bound book with a luxurious hard cover.

Spiral Binding

From Wire-O to plastic coils, we offer a variety of spiral binding options in-house that each provide benefits of their own. Wire-O metal bindings give off a more professional appearance, making them a great option for products that will be used in formal presentations. Choose between exposed and concealed Wire-O bindings to personalize your project. Plastic spiral bindings provide the perfect solution for books that need to be referred to frequently, like a cookbook or instruction manual, as they are less expensive but also quite durable. Much like saddle stitching, spiral bindings lay flat when open.