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Flats & Package Services


First Class Services

Print & Mail services will allow you to maximize your savings through the USPS while avoiding costly equipment leases/purchases. We can decrease the time it takes for your mail to be delivered and avoid the hassle of keeping up with the ever changing postal regulations.


Consider Print & Mail your one stop mailroom partner. We facilitate transportation, both from your facility to ours, and from our facility to the USPS. With Print & Mail there is rarely any charge for delivery to a USPS processing plant.

Bar-coding and Presorting

Our automated co-mingle services eliminate postal handling and processing. All mail goes directly from your dock to our presort facility to the USPS mail processing center. Depending on the final destination, bar-coding and presort can eliminate an extra day in delivery time, sometimes even more.

On-site USPS employees ensure proper disposition of your mailing, avoiding delivery delays due to improperly formatted or prepared mail.

Maximize Your Resources

Increase your equipment up-time and reduce your labor costs. Regardless of who manufactured your postage meter, the wear and tear of processing large envelopes will increase the need for service on your machine. The labor involved in sorting and processing these variable weight pieces will negatively affect your productivity and labor costs. Our meter services eliminate the need to apply postage in-house, whereby enabling you to realize both hard and soft dollar savings.

Additional Services and Reporting

When necessary, we are able to provide detailed reporting such as cost center allocation, budget reconciliation, and/or weight breakdowns for all of your mailing activity.


  • Elimination of transportation costs associated with the Post Office deliveries
  • Elimination of daily USPS administrative requirements
  • Take advantage of postal savings
  • Take advantage of maximum Discounts offered by USPS
  • Expedite mail delivery through the USPS mail stream
  • Identification of mail quality problems prior to entering the USPS mail stream
  • Decrease your percentage of returned mail