2019 South Jersey Postal Customer Council Mailer of the Year!

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Mailroom Partnering


Customer Support

Your mail, with it’s numerous requirements and nuances, are understandably important to your company’s success. We’re here to assist you in executing your plan. Print & Mail Communications offers reliability, efficiency, accuracy, and excellence in customer support.

Scheduled Pick-ups

As your partner in mail and print operations, Print & Mail Communications, LLC creates both savings in internal cost and postage cost. Our regularly scheduled daily mail pickups are timely and consistent. Transportation between the customer, Print and Mail Communications, LLC and the U.S. Postal Service is prompt and direct.

Customer Success

Our goal is to streamline your print and mail operations, to help you identify issues or opportunities, and to assist in finding solutions for any challenge. We want to be your partner and help your company to succeed!

Mailing Services

Metering and Sealing

  • Apply postage and seal all outgoing mail with barcoding and presort.
  • Generate first class postage discounts when applicable for 1 & 2 ounce letters.
  • Presort for postage discounts for 1 to 13 ounce flats.

Department Breakdowns

  • Provide postage allocations for departments within your organization.
  • Expedited copying service with fast turnaround.
  • Courier service.
  • Pick up mail from USPS and deliver to customer.

Print & Mail Communications, LLC takes commitment seriously.
Serving you with honesty, urgency, flexibility and pride is a priority for us!


Elimination of…

  • Mailroom equipment and maintenance cost.
  • Transportation costs associated with the post office deliveries.
  • Daily USPS administrative requirements.


  • More effective use and deployment of employees.
  • Weekly or monthly summaries of metering volume and costs.
  • Better use of valuable office space.
  • Identification of mail integrity quality problems prior to entering the USPS mail stream.