2019 South Jersey Postal Customer Council Mailer of the Year!

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Metering & Presort


Sealing and Placement

Print & Mail Communications, LLC creates an opportunity for you to save and control the cost associated with your mail and print operations because we have the right production and equipment solutions, along with expert USPS knowledge and experience. Our service includes the sealing and placement of appropriate postage on all classes of your outgoing mail. We are proud to efficiently handle all mail including letters, flats, and expedited packages.


When combining metering with our presort service, Print & Mail Communications can provide the highest possible qualification for postage discounts. Our trained metering personnel will provide you with the many benefits we offer.

Print & Mail Communications, LLC can transition responsibility for your daily postage metering in order to maximize your savings.We can assist in the disposition of your existing equipment and will arrange for daily mail pickups and post office mail drops – you won’t miss a beat through this seamless process.

Case History

A leading producer of specialized medical equipment sought to reduce costs through the outsourcing of their daily postage metering function. The primary opportunities for savings were the elimination of costly mail and print equipment leases and maintenance agreements along with the benefit of staff reassignment. Total annualized savings exceeded $19,000!


  • Elimination of mail and print equipment and maintenance cost.
  • More effective use and deployment of employees.
  • Elimination of daily USPS administrative requirements.
  • Elimination of transportation costs associated with the Post Office deliveries.
  • Weekly and Monthly summaries of metering volume and costs.
  • Reallocation of valuable office space.
  • Identification of mail quality problems prior to entering the USPS mail stream.